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“Telling the comic in schools means giving the new generations the knowledge of a disruptive language and the strength of a communication tool that can help improve the world, one cartoon at a time.

Gud author of Timothy Top.



The titular character of this book is a boy who one night finds that he has gained the superpower of the green thumb and the ability to make the plants grow. An evil businessman, Mr Plumbee, is planning to destroy the old tree and the whole city park, so Timothy stands up against him using his new powers. In this crusade he makes new friends with other gifted children and even manages to save his parents from the clutches of a funny trio of aliens who are helping Mr Plumbee in his crave for dominion.

This saga, a smash hit in Italy, is specifically made for children, as Gud, the author, created the story with the help of his 6 years old son. It’s fresh, entertaining and will make every child fight the right battles screaming “Karamazov!” like the idols of the protagonist!


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